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Located in the beautiful Foothills of the Rocky Mountains Cancraft is committed to protecting the environment.  Our goal is to be a good neighbour in our community and help preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Sustainability today is about choices – those that we make as a cabinet manufacturer and those that you make as a consumer.  As a responsible manufacturer of high-quality cabinetry products, Cancraft is committed to eco-friendly cabinet manufacturing while ensuring that our manufacturing processes are in accordance with the highest quality and industry standards.

Water-based paints are not just a better choice for the environment; they are also safer for both the workers’ and homeowners’ health.

Waterborne (or water based) finishes are just as durable as varnish finishes. That is because waterborne finishes are comprised of acrylics or polyurethane dispersed in water. They are non-flammable, almost odourless, have fewer solvents in them than their oil based cousins, clean up easily with water, dry quickly, and are non-yellowing.

Water-based Finishes protect indoor air quality without compromising the beauty and quality of the finished look. Unlike nearly all other coatings available in the market, Water-based finishes emit little to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The impact of VOCs can range from strong unpleasant odors, eye, nose, and throat irritation, and headaches to increased allergy and asthma problems. Children are particularly susceptible because of their higher intake percentage of indoor air pollutants compared to their total body mass. Using Water-based finishes reduce the need to ventilate after the cabinetry is installed, compared to traditional finishes, helping you breathe easy. Solvent-based coatings continue to disperse several tons of volatile organic compounds into the air for at least two years after installation.


Our collection of custom coatings provide a beautiful appearance, stunning depth of look, and smooth, touchable feel that will exceed your expectations.  Cancraft is committed to providing our customers with superior quality and service.


Extensive product testing of our Water-based coatings has proven superior chemical resistance against common household items including water, coffee, mustard, grape juice, olive oil, liquid floor cleaner, and even bleach. Ready to withstand the tests of wear and tear, Water-based Finishes stand above the rest in durability and chemical resistance. Our high-end custom finishes provide high quality and durable top coats that protect against fading and yellowing, giving you the quality you can count on.


With Water-based Finishes, you get the full spectrum of options you need from the diverse collection of combinations that are available. From classic stains to the high end, artistically inspired look of glazing, you will find the variety you need.

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